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"The Vault" laser maze is a fun, competitive, and addictive challenge!!

Can you reenact the bank robbery that took place all those years ago? Put your game face on, this "Mission Impossible" style setting has four different skill levels to appeal to all ages. The object is to navigate the laser maze as quickly as possible reaching your checkpoints and the end of the Bank Vault without breaking a beam. Jump, crawl, climb & twist your way through an obstacle course of highly sensitive lasers radiating from the walls of the bank vault. If you break a laser, an alarm will sound and you will be penalized with time added to your score. Attempt to rob the bank on your own or try this activity with the help of a friend. Can you escape the vault before the NY PD arrives at the scene? Master your skill at the "The Vault" and maybe you will land your name on the Top 10 Scoreboard!!