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Test your skills and wits with puzzles to solve, challenges to conquer and codes to decipher!

This live action game will have you and your teammates working together in a 60 minute race against the clock! Can you complete the mission and change the course of human existence as we know it?

This fully immersive experience features intense sound and lighting effects, props and decorations and will transport you to an alternate reality. These fast paced games are a one of a kind experience with surprises around every corner that will keep your adrenaline pumping until the very end!

The story of The Legend of Atlantis

For centuries legends told of a lost continent flowing more with riches than the waters that surrounded it. A Utopian paradise for Gods fueled by a power source even our greatest technologies still cannot match. This wonderful place, known as Atlantis was one of the greatest legends ever told.

That is, until a single radio transmission changed the course of history as we know it. Find your way into the Temple of Poseidon and locate the Atlantean power crystals, align them correctly and change the course of human existence as we know it.