Backstage Escape Games
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Tired of that 9-5 routine and need a break to energize, excite and build relationships?

Our Team Building challenges are just the cure!

Enter into our nearly 2,000 square feet of infinite reflections, surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles and get lost in the fun! We offer Team Building games like "Trust Walk" or "Replay Relay", guaranteed to not only entertain but create lasting memories and trusting relationships among employees.

Combine your experience with the "The Vault‚" Laser Maze Challenge where participants compete to be post the lowest time in this Mission Impossible Setting. Compete individually to see who has the best time, as a pair and see which team comes out on top or as an entire group for a bundle of laughs.

It's a great way to blow off some steam while getting a memorable workout and creating laughs you can talk about for weeks to come.

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